Self drive


Many travellers prefer being in charge of their own travel itinerary, whilst at the same time taking advantage of a quality service to support them in planning their route and securing their hotel reservations.   Here at GVQ Travel we offer many different options in order to help customers plan their holiday.  We can provide a basic travel itinerary for your customers to which they can they add any optional activities or stays that they would like to do. 

Our company offers every possible support in order to make these reservations, whether it be booking different kinds of transport (train, bus or car hire), or providing hotels to suit your clients’ needs (from top of the range luxury hotels, to the fabulous Ice Hotel in Quebec through to bed and breakfasts and everything in between).  By choosing our self-drive option, you’re giving your customers the freedom of their own choices with the security and comfort of the personalised service offered by GVQ Travel. 

Our suggested itineraries can be followed just as they are (if that suits your clients), however they can also be amended and enhanced to make a tailor-made itinerary to best suit their individual needs and wishes.  The huge distances in Canada are such that a short stay of two weeks for example needs expert planning in order to be able to include everything that your customers want to see.

This is exactly what we provide at GVQ Travel. We help your clients make the best choices in this fabulous country that has so much to show its visitors.  Our carefully planned itineraries offer your customers the freedom to discover the very best of Canada! 

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