General Conditions

Please be sure to read the following terms and conditions carefully. These constitute the legal agreement between you, your clients and GVQ Travel. When you make a reservation, a deposit or the payment in full of a product or any other service offered by GVQ Travel you automatically accept these terms and conditions.


All the prices are quoted in Canadian dollars. All sales are net and non-commissionable except those mentioned on Prices are calculated based on the number of participants as stated in the submission. An insufficient number of participants could involve the cancellation of the trip. All prices are approximate and subject to change without notice.

Prices are based on the rates given to us by our suppliers and may be subject to change (mostly due to variations in gasoline prices and/or government taxes) up to 30 days prior to the group’s arrival.

Local, Provincial and Federal Taxes

All prices include applicable local, provincial and federal taxes.

All goods and services consumed in Canada are subject to the 5% federal goods and service tax. These goods and services are also subject to the accommodation and/or provincial taxes, the rates of which vary from one province to another.

Depending on the nature of the goods and services, foreign tourists traveling to Canada are eligible for certain tax refunds and exemptions. In order to facilitate the sale of tourism products to tour operators and foreign travel agencies, Revenue Canada authorizes incoming Tour Operators to grant the tax refunds and exemptions upfront. You are therefore granted the refunds when buying certain products and you needn’t apply for them (provided you fill out the form we send you).

Not Included

The prices do not include flights, meals, other than those mentioned in the product description, optional visits and outings, excess luggage, additional costs at the hotel, phone calls, tips, costs covering entry formalities in Canada, insurances and any personal expenses.


In most hotels and inns a single or double bedroom consists of one double bed, a twin bedroom of two double or single beds, a triple or quadruple bedroom of two double beds. There are no rooms with three or four beds in Canada.

Only hotel staff can allocate bedrooms within the room type booked. GVQ Travel is the intermediary between you and the various service providers; it is therefore impossible for us to guarantee any kind of special request, a whole floor or a specific view. Such requests are subject to availability without any liability on our part.

If the client so wishes, he can, upon arrival at the hotel and availability permitting, upgrade the category of his room at his own cost.


In each trip we specify the included meals. Full board is three meals a day; as for half board is breakfast and dinner.

Benefit changes

On confirmed reservations or one’s that are in progress, any change will be considered as a cancellation. We reserve the right to charge the applicable penalties.

Supplements, Activities, Tours or Optional Visits

All the activities payable on-site in Canadian dollars and may be modified without notice by the different suppliers.


Tips for the guides and chauffeur are not included in the price and are not compulsory. If you wish to express your satisfaction through tipping, we ask you to do so individually. We suggest you calculate the amount in accordance with the international standard of 3$ per day per person.

Special Events

Prices may vary during special events (celebrations, conventions, festivals, etc.) This information will be given to you at the time of booking. During high season, because of high demand, we will be able to provide more availability for you at different prices. Modification and cancellation fees apply.

Booking Requests

All reservations are made on the basis of availability at the time of the confirmation by the travel agency. We do everything we can to confirm reservation within 72 hours. If the requested travel services are not available, we will suggest alternative, equivalent services.

Unused Services

Unused services will not be refunded.

Deposit and Final Payment

Reservations are confirmed upon reception of the deposit or the final payment. Reservations will be automatically cancelled if the final payment isn’t received 30 days prior to arrival, unless the agency has paid a provisional deposit for the season.

Payment Terms

Deposit: the rates and the availability can only be guaranteed once the hotel has been paid a deposit, GVQ Travel therefore requires a payment of 25% of the total fee, at least 90 days before the arrival of the group.

The payment in full is due at the latest 35 days prior to the arrival of the group.
Full payment will be required when booking 30 days or less before departure.
Modification and Cancellation Policy

The following fees will be billed according to the reception date of the written cancellation request by our offices:

35 days prior to arrival: 100 % of the first night.

From day 34 to day 1 prior to arrival: 100% of the fees in case of a partial or total cancellation of the group.

Payment Method

We accept international bank transfers. All payments shall be made in Canadian dollars. The money must be wired to our bank using the coordinates given on our bill. A proof of transfer must be faxed or scanned to GVQ Travel on the same day. Money transfer costs are not attributable to GVQ Travel. 


If your clients experience any event causing claim, we invite them to communicate with the GVQ Travel office for us to be able to resolve any problem before the end of their trip. Please make sure you include our contact information in your client’s travel book.

All claims related to a trip or a stay must be sent to GVQ Travel no later than 30 days after the end of the trip.

GVQ Travel cannot be held liable for loss or expense due to delays, flight delays, weather conditions, strikes, wars and other similar causes. Under these circumstances, all losses and expenses will be the customer’s responsibility.

Signing up your clients for one of our trips means that they have read, understood and that they accept the general and specific terms and conditions here in, and that they agree to the responsibilities.

Proof of Citizenship

Passengers must have a proper and valid passport (valid another 6 months after the return date).

Travel Documents and Vouchers

Provided the full payment has been made, you will receive, approximately 10 days before departure, your travel documents including the time and place of departure, the program, the list of hotels and general information.

Privacy Policy

The travel agent observes the principles of confidentiality with regards to the customer’s personal information.

Traveller’s Responsibility

Any traveler signing up for one of our trips accepts the terms and policies of GVQ Travel. In the event of a traveler with a conduct that adversely affects the other members of the group or the service providers, and after having received and ignoring a formal warning from the GVQ representative, this person will be automatically be expelled from the trip. All the fees and losses due to this person’s conduct will not be refunded by GVQ Travel.

Moreover, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that he/she is healthy and autonomous enough to take part in the trip. Each traveler must also carry with him/her, at all times, a sufficient amount of any necessary medication.

Vaccines: contact the Traveler’s Clinic in your area for any questions regarding vaccination. GVQ Travel assumes no responsibility for vaccination in the visited countries.

Exclusion of Liability

GVQ Travel and its agents or representatives act as agents of various transportation companies, providers and accommodation venues in Quebec, in Canada and abroad. GVQ Travel cannot, in any case, be held responsible In the event of faults, failings, oversight, defects and so on, by the service provider; no exceptions can be made.

The passenger renounces upfront to any claim against GVQ Travel in the event of an injury, damage or loss for whatever motive, attributable to any person providing a service or accommodation during the trip in Quebec, in Canada or abroad.

In cases of force majeure, GVQ Travel reserves the right to cancel, change or modify any part of the trip. Under such circumstances, GVQ Travel will not be held liable for the situation and will do everything it it’s power to offer equivalent services.

The passengers will not be entitled to any claim and/or compensation for loss, damage, physical or mental injury resulting from the change. All these losses and expenses will be at the traveler’s expense.

Cases of force majeure are unpredictable events or a cause unrelated to GVQ Travel, such as: illnesses, accidents, strikes, weather conditions, mechanical failures, wars, terrorist acts, demonstrations, political events, etc. In addition, GVQ Travel reserves the right to refuse the registration of any number of people.

The client may not, except with prior consent from the organizer, modify the course of his trip. The expenses of any unauthorized modification will be attributable to the customer without any possibility of being refunded for the unused benefits, services or accommodation.

Non Included Activities

GVQ Travel is not responsible for the quality and/or safety of available activities onsite (such as outings, optional visits, extras, and so on) that are not part of the all-inclusive package and in which the customer might want to take part. GVQ Travel is not responsible for the information given by the provider of these activities either. Any verbal or written contract, for such activities, is between the client and the given provider and is at the client’s risk regarding loss, damage or injury occurring during these activities. GVQ Travel cannot, in any way, be held liable for any complaint or claim deriving from the participation to such activities, which are offered by third parties on which GVQ Travel has absolutely no control.


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