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Sea Kayaking with Whales at Bergeronnes, Tadoussac

Located just 10 minutes from beautiful Tadoussac, Bergeronnes is located in front of one of the deepest parts of the St. Lawrence river. This is the ideal place for whale watching!  The whales follow the coast to feed on the grit carried by the currents and tides.   

The cold water wells up to the surface at Anse à la Cave which makes the perfect conditions for a half-day observation of a variety of marine mammals by kayak.  Discover blue, fin or minke whales, belugas, seals and marine birds, The activity begins with full initiation so that you will be very comfortable in the water for the next three hours.  By using double kayaks and the presence of a professional guide at all times, this activity is open to all, with or without experience.