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Quebec and Ontario
16 days / 15 nights

Home to almost two-thirds of the country's population, Quebec and Ontario are the heartland of Canada. Both are a blend of Francophone and Anglophone culture, letting you experience modern cities pulsating with life, and, of course, an incredibly generous wilderness.

In order to understand the Canadian duality, so utterly present in Ontario and Quebec, we suggest a self-drive. This will allow for both urban exploration and a replenishing escape in the enchanting Canadian nature. Each stop will be enhanced by comfortable, quality-driven accommodation.



Welcome to Toronto, Canada’s largest city, also known as the « Queen-city »! Car parking facility is provided. Don’t miss out on the main attractions: Younge Street, Bay Street, Queen’s Park, Chinatown and the Eaton shopping centre. Enjoy spectacular views from the lookout level of the CN Tower, the city’s 553-metre high symbol!

Accommodation :
Bed and Breakfast: Vivienne's B&B
Standard: Bond Place
Superior: Radisson Admiral Harbour view


Set out to explore the impressive Niagara Falls! We suggest a ride to the base of the waterfalls aboard the Maid-of-the-Mist. These small, specifically designed boats will give you a close-up experience of the thunderous falls. You will then grasp the recklessness of people who have attempted, in a fit of madness, to conquer the falls on various floating devices. Nearby, the pretty, early 19th century village of Niagara-on-the-lake is well worth a visit.

Optional Activities :
• Helicopter ride over Niagara Falls
• Maid of the Mist Boat Trip


Today, you’re off to Canada’s capital city. You will drive through the Canadian Thousand Islands, marvelling at stunning landscapes, remnants of an old, granite mountain range flooded by the Saint Lawrence River. This region is rich in epic oral folklore, legends and pirate stories. We suggest you take time for a memorable cruise in the wonderful region of the Thousand Islands. Continue on to Ottawa, the Canadian capital, and discover the city’s most fascinating attractions. Hosting the parliament, the embassies and the government, Ottawa is a tranquil, very green city considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Several visits are a must: the Parliament as well as Parliament hill, a stroll through the streets downtown, a stop at Byward Market to browse craft shops and boutiques, then experience the Rideau Falls and its locks.

Bed and Breakfast: Chez Philémon
Standard: Best Western Plus Gatineau
Superior: Four Points Sheraton Gatineau

Optional Activity :
Thousand Islands Cruise


Let yourself be swept away by the charm of this picturesque village! Located at the base of the mountain, a stone-throw away from the largest national park in Québec, the atmosphere at the Tremblant Resort is always festive, offering a high-class shopping and dining experience. Mont-Tremblant National Park is proudly dedicated to the conservation of its unique natural environment and landscapes. The mountains here are simply both beautiful and awe-inspiring; being atop the highest peak of the Laurentians just might make you see the world with new eyes. Numerous activities are offered on-site.

Accommodation :
Standard: Country Inn&Suites
Superior: Fairmont Tremblant

Optional Activities :
• Multi-activity package
• Cruise on Lake Tremblant
• A canoe trip in Mont Tremblant National Park
• An excursion on quad bike


Take the scenic route to the Mauricie region. This forest region covers a territory of 536 km² boasting many lakes, ponds, streams and waterfalls. The diversity of the fauna and flora typical of the Laurentians will no doubt enchant you. Your auberge is located at the entrance of the Mauritie National Park and on the site devoted to sharing and interpreting the Native Mokotakan culture. Touring the Mokotakan village, you will not only learn more about their way of life, you will also become acquainted with their culture, their history and their spirituality. Several wildlife-watching activities are offered on-site.

Accommodation :
Bed and Breakfast: Auberge du Trapeur
Standard: Auberge du Trappeur

Optional stay: Night in a tipi

Optional Activities :
• Black Bear and Wolf Safari
• Moose and Beaver observation (guided)
• Bucheron Museum


These two days will be a wonderfully relaxing stay in a setting of enchanting beauty, offering a large number of activities to please all tastes. Full board accommodation and free activities on site. Experience a magical moment at one of the most prestigious outfitters in North America: the unique Seigneurie du Triton. Set out on a canoeing trip on the nearby lakes and discover beaver lodges and other aquatic animals. It’s an incredible place for photographic safaris! Enjoy an outdoor lunch on the lakeshore, and then hike out to uncover the Quebecois flora and fauna. It’s sure to be a day packed with unforgettable memories!

Accommodation :
Standard: Seigneurie du triton 5 meals – shared bathroom
Superior: Seigneurie du triton 5 meals – private bathroom
Optional stay : Night in a Tipi
Optional Activities : Seaplane


Depart for magnificent Lac Saint-Jean, veritable inner sea fed by twelve rivers that have deeply contributed to the history of this economically dynamic region. In Saint-Félicien, we strongly recommend visiting the Wild Zoo. The Nature Trails Park is a unique concept in Canada where the animals roam free and are observed by the visitors, from the safety of a screened-in “train”. Consequently, you will observe wildlife native to Québec, in habitats adapted to each animal’s way of life. Bears, Moose, American Bison’s, Wolves, Deer are just some of the animals you are most likely to come across!

Accommodation :
Bed and Breakfast: Gite la Brise du Lac (Roberval)
Standard: Motel Roberval
Superior: Château Roberval

Optional stay :
Night in the historical village of Val-Jalbert on half board

Optional Activity :
• St-Félicien Zoo
• A visit to the historical village of Val-Jalbert on half board


Move on to discover the spectacular Saguenay Fjord. Nature has used its colossal strength here to create a fjord of striking beauty. There are so many things to do and see here! Chicoutimi’s geographical location at the confluence of three rivers, contributed to making it a large fur-trading post before becoming an important hub for the forestry industry. Don’t leave without visiting the Pulperie in Chicoutimi!

Accommodation :
Bed and Breakfast: Gite aux bons jardins (Ste Fulgence)
Standard: Hotel le Montagnais
Superior: Hotel Chicoutimi
Optional stays : A night in the Pourvoirie du Cap au Leste on half board


Continue your journey along the Saguenay fjord on your way to Tadoussac. Be sure to stop at Sainte-Rose-du-Nord, a delightful, hillside village with an extraordinary lookout onto the dazzling fjord. Tadoussac is the oldest village in Canada, and is an internationally recognized marine park, incredible for whale watching. The estuary of Tadoussac is privileged by several cetacean species that come to feed off the coast, during the summer months. 

Bed and Breakfast: Auberge La Galouine
Standard: Hôtel Le Béluga
Superior: Hôtel Tadoussac

Optional stay:
• A night at the Natakam Condominiums Situated at Les Escoumins - on the side of the St.Lawrence river)

Optional Activity :
A whale-watching cruise by zodiac or by boat. 


Called the cradle of French civilization in North America and the only fortified city north of Mexico, Quebec is today’s destination! Québec’s old town was the first North-American city to be added to the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List, and for good reason: it is a privileged place out-of-time that attracts international attention. To get there, you will drive through the wonderful region of Charlevoix, home to many painters thanks to the region’s inspiring landscapes, part land part sea.

Bed and Breakfast : Manoir de la tour
Standard: Hôtel Classique (Ste Foy)
Superior: Hôtel Château Laurier ****
Optional Stay : Fairmont Château Frontenac

Optional Activities:
• Lunch at the panoramic restaurant Astral
• Wendake, traditional Huron site, visit and meal in the American Indian village
• A cruise on the St.Lawrence (day or evening)


Today explore Quebec City: the former capital of New France and the birthplace of French civilization here in North America. While taking a walk on the Plaines d’Abraham, you will immerse yourself in the history of the only fortified city north of Mexico. Time comes to a stop and lets you saunter in the Quartier Petit Champlain and take in the spectacular views of the river from the Dufferin terrace. This historic city, with its huge cultural and architectural heritage and its unique site is a delight!


This morning travel to Montreal, the big metropolis and economic capital of Quebec. Discover the unique view of the city from the observatory lookout atop Mount Royal’s Park, in the centre of downtown Montreal. Leisurely amble the many parks and neighborhoods as well as the multiple museums in order to get a feel for the city’s diversity. The Biodôme offers several beautiful ecosystems and the bustling Old Port of Montreal is also definitely worth your while. Montreal boasts so many points of interest, such as the Old Port, the Biodôme, the Botanical Garden, the Insectarium, the Mount Royal, the underground city… Here, it doesn’t come down to what you are going to do; it comes down to finding the time to do it all!

Bed and Breakfast: Gîte CC Cherrier
Standard: Les Suites Labelle
Superior: Hôtel Place d’Armes

Optional Activities
• Biodôme visit
• Rafting on the St.Lawrence river

The itinerary or the order of the activities is subject to change

The holiday includes

  • Accommodation in a double bedroom
  • Breakfast

Not included in you Holiday

  • The car rental