About us

GVQ Travel is one of the pioneers of incoming tourism in Canada. In the 1980’s, our company was one of the first to welcome a large number of European visitors to Québec and Canada from various different French-speaking countries. Over the years, we have attracted hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors. They have found our great outdoors and the variety of our landscape to be breathtaking, with the abundance of lakes and mountains offering an incredible choice of sporting and outdoor activities.

From so many years of experience, GVQ Travel has built up a reputation of excellence and confidence. For over 34 years more than 100,000 Quebeckers have travelled with us throughout North America and around the globe. We are pleased to offer our European and worldwide customers holidays and itineraries that are designed to meet the needs of both group and individual travellers.

GVQ Travel is delighted to continue enhancing their existing product offering, as well as introducing new and exciting itineraries in areas such as Western Canada, where our own customers have already been travelling in large numbers for many years.

We can offer you an excellent reliable service, great rates and itineraries to surprise and delight your customers. From great cities, to sublime nature, activities such as snowmobiling, whale watching and bear observation, GVQ Travel is delighted to invite you to join us in the great outdoors that is Canada!

The GVQ Travel Team